10 Swirl Heart for Labels : Love Collection : Download

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Discover a whole new way to love the 10 Swirl Heart! Use this version with your favorite planner or journal to track your next right steps (I use the Action Book). This version of the 10 Swirl Heart Progress Map has numbers in each swirl, from 1-10, to make it easier to associate each swirl with each item on your to-do list. Watch the video I did about Moving from To-Do to Done for more details.

This PDF download is designed to be printed at home, for use with the Avery® TrueBlock® Shipping Labels Template 8164 (find them on Amazon in box of 60 or a box of 150). NOTE // You need to purchase the labels separately.

When you purchase this download, print it on the Avery labels. You do not need to use an additional template. It's already sized and ready to print directly on the labels (as long as you're using the Avery labels specified or a comparable size). If you have any questions or concerns about printing, reach out using the contact us button here on the site or send word to trackgoals@mapyourprogress.com and we'll get you squared away.


As you are able to print these on a variety of paper/printers/inks, I'm unable to guarantee the "end result" of every method you use to print your download. I do have experience with using this download with the Avery labels and can speak to how well that works.


To avoid smearing or smudging of the ink as you color, give your printed download time to dry. If you dive in fresh off the press, so to speak, you're more likely to see smearing—especially for yellow and the lighter shades. According to early Map Testers, you'll notice a difference between pen brands/kinds in terms of smearing. For most of them, this was not much of an issue.


I hope y'all can understand that downloads are non-refundable. Should there be any issues with opening the file or using it for its intended size, please reach out to me at trackgoals@mapyourprogress.com so I can help you with what you need. I certainly guaruntee the quality of the file and its performance.