100 Swirl Dress : Wedding Collection : Fancy Print


The Big Day is a big deal. As a former wedding coordinator, I get it. And this map is designed to help you save up or count down to the wedding you've been dreaming about. But as with all Creative Progress Maps, you can use it any way you wish.

For those who are saving up for their wedding, this map is a great way to track your progress toward your savings goal. It has 100 swirls, which makes it easy to divide your goal into 100 units of measure. Each time you deposit that amount toward your savings, you can mark your progress by coloring in a swirl. 

And if you're excited about counting down to the big day—or know someone who is—you can easily count down the days, by coloring in a swirl a day, or whatever makes sense to you. 

Have fun with the colors for this dress; you can simply color with your favorite shades, color to match the room where it will hang, color using your "wedding colors" if you have such a palette, or even color it to match your bouquet. There's no wrong way to do it, I promise! Let this be a joyful way to look forward to The Big Day.

This Creative Progress Map is available in a variety of sizes and on your choice of either a museum-quality print made on thick, durable, matte paper or a matte finish canvas that is hand-stretched over a 1.5 inch wood frame. Choose whichever you fancy—both are super high quality and will look lovely on display.


For those of you buying prints: Take a look at the Color Tester—an 8x10 printed on the exact same paper as the print—to try out colors, mediums, and combinations before starting to color your primary map.


Find my recommendations on what to color with and other tips in the Coloring section.