275 Swirl Heart : Love Collection : Canvas


Big changes come from big hearts. Each swirl represents 1 small action toward a goal that matters to you. What might there be? Here are some ideas to get your started. But get as creative as you want. It's your map!


Divide whatever amount you owe by 275 and have each swirl represent that amount of money toward your debt. Color in as you make payments. Dance like no one's watching post-swirl-coloring. Or before.

Celebrate each time you make a frugal choice—to *not* overspend where you normally would—and color in a swirl. Well done, you. Post that on Facebook.


Enjoy coloring in a swirl each time you take a healthy step that supports your weight loss. That could be taking the stairs, or getting up and dancing, or going for a walk with a (human or furry) friend. Humbly brag.

Celebrate the small victories by coloring in a swirl each time you eat a healthier meal. Changing our small decisions leads to bigger results. Each you catch your reflection in the mirror, say "Hey there, healthier eater person! Good to see you."


Savor the win each time you take action toward creating a habit you believe will make your life even better. Go on, you!

Color in a swirl when you spend time working toward your awesome new habit. Be kind to yourself in the process, ya? You're being real brave. Embrace your courage.


Fill in that swirl each time you put your workout clothes on. Or set foot in the gym (or wherever you fit your ness). Just showing up is the win. You'll naturally challenge yourself more from that place of victory.

Luxuriate in the glory of completing a workout, run, swim, hike, bike, dance, or whatever by coloring in a little swirl. You're going places, friend.


Color in a swirl each time you exercise maturity and self-control and don't lose your shit while planning your wedding. Just kidding. Well, not really. Ha. I used to be a wedding planner. Planning can push every button you've got.

Get giddy each time you color in a swirl for saving a little more toward your wedding budget, or counting down the days until you take your vows. #dontmindifido


Color on, bravehearts—each day you choose to move toward the mystical land of sobriety (I've been there). Each time you make a choice to reach out, hand it over, or complete an act of service. Whatever works for you.

Declare each swirl evidence of the new path you're walking. That could be a day sober, a meeting attended, a trigger avoided. We can recover one swirly choice at a time. We're stronger than we realize.


Count down the days (swirls) until that BIG DAY—whatever it is—and consider giving your beloveds a map to countdown with you. Coloring is that much more fun when done together.

Get excited for your next vacation by coloring in a swirl for each day you get closer to getting away from it all. Display it next to the photos of you in the spot you worked so hard to get to. Then make a toast. To yourself.


Grab your pen/pencil and color in a swirl each time you notice something you're grateful for experiencing (which may or may not be in the present moment). It make take some time and perspective to be grateful for certain things. Cheers.

Congratulate yourself for identifying a feeling—and feeling said feeling—by coloring in a swirl. For those of us who lost the ability to feel our feelings, we can wade back in to experiencing our emotions, one swirl at a time.


Relish coloring in a swirl each time you get closer to your sales or business goals—you can use a map for yourself or invite your team to join in the coloring fun. Get all colorful! Get ready for people to ask you about your secret to success.

What's almost as good as raising funds for your cause? Coloring in the swirls to track how much money you've attracted to serve your purpose. P/S Email trackgoals@mapyourprogress.com if you want to sell maps to raise money for said cause. #doublewin


This Creative Progress Map is available in a variety of sizes and on your choice of either a museum-quality print made on thick, durable, matte paper or a matte finish canvas that is hand-stretched over a 1.5 inch wood frame. Choose whichever you fancy—both are super high quality and will look lovely on display.


For those of you buying prints: Take a look at the Color Tester—an 8x10 printed on the exact same paper as the print—to try out colors, mediums, and combinations before starting to color your primary map.


Find my recommendations on what to color with and other tips in the Coloring section. Then fill me in (#coloringjokes) on what worked for you. I'll update this section with your genius.