30 Swirl Vortex : Abstract Collection : Fancy Print


The 30 swirl Vortex is just begging to be used for a monthly goal. So much can happen in a month! Use it to create new healthier habits, or countdown to a special occasion, or stay sober one day at a time. Or maybe you've got some extra weight to take off, or something awesome you're saving up to buy. Whatever it is, you've got 30 swirls to color in each time you take an action that brings you closer to your goal. And wouldn't I love to hear all about it. Can't wait to hear how it goes for you. Photos, too!

This Creative Progress Map is available in a variety of sizes and on your choice of either a museum-quality print made on thick, durable, matte paper or a matte finish canvas that is hand-stretched over a 1.5 inch wood frame. Choose whichever you fancy—both are super high quality and will look lovely on display.


For those of you buying prints: Take a look at the Color Tester—an 8x10 printed on the exact same paper as the print—to try out colors, mediums, and combinations before starting to color your primary map.


Find my recommendations on what to color with and other tips in the Coloring section.