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Moving From To-Do to Done

"I make lists at night, but have no clear idea what to do with them." Dedicated to those of us who have trouble falling asleep at night because we keep thinking of things to add to our to-do list. That shit can get real overwhelming, real quick. It's easy for that list to get longer without [...]

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How Better Thoughts Lead to Better Results

"I didn't realize there needed to be a shift in my thought process." Some of you that have recently bought Progress Maps have taken me up on my offer for a free goal alignment session. It's where I offer customized recommendations to help you reach your goal faster, in a way that's more enjoyable. The most [...]

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How to Make A Big Change

"I feel like I'm running out of time and need to do something now." I remember feeling this way; I was by most accounts successful, making good money, doing life well—yet feeling like the things I was pouring my time and energy into weren't satisfying. I knew there was something more and I didn't feel like [...]

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How to swim in an ocean of progress

Let’s imagine you’re getting fired up about a new adventure to a place you’ve only imagined. It sounds amazing. You've heard it described as Progress Pond. It’s where you’re going to go after your goal—where you’ll show up, dive right in and fully immerse yourself in swimming toward your goal of reaching the other side. You see [...]

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How to make "easy" progress toward a hard goal

Is that too much to ask? Because when it comes to choosing goals and making progress, we do not get inspired over the easy stuff. We dream in hard goals—significant accomplishments that are hard to do. And yet, it's hard to do hard things. For many of us, that feels terribly annoying, if not like some downright bullshit. We [...]

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How to not waste your life

“I don’t want to waste any more time.” I hear that over and over from the clients I coach. They don’t want to waste their time. Their talents. Their happiness. In other words: They don’t want to waste their life. All that makes perfect sense. Here’s what doesn’t make sense to lots of the folks around them: My clients [...]

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Get back in the game: Why it’s worth embarrassing yourself over and over again

So, a year ago I started playing water polo again—a sport I never thought I’d return to after leaving it my first year in college. As a youth, I played for eight years and it was a huge part of my life—the sun in my solar system. I went to college to play (and perhaps get [...]

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What to do when you lose your shit

Losing your shit is most inconvenient. Especially when people are depending on you. The panic and fear become amplified—when you’re well aware that you’re supposed to be the person who knows what’s going on—and you don’t know what’s going on. I’m writing to you as a (life/progress) coach, who is in the midst of such a [...]

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The unexpected benefit of paying off $26k in credit card debt

I received a lovely tweet from someone who had recently read my post about the first progress map I created to pay off over $26k in debt. #businessCool stuff:Reaching your goals by using "Creative Progress Maps". Kudos to Amy M Jones! @mapyourprogresshttps://t.co/DnZ3i8bXw8— Peter Bormann (@valonquatech) October 2, 2016 And this is the thought that came to mind, in [...]

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Inspiration Conversation: Jason Zook

A while back, I decided to have 100 conversations with 100 people that inspire me. To learn more about what inspiration really is about. To find out who inspires them. Then to be able to share that with my Tribe. The truth was that I didn’t exactly know why. My inner Quiet Voice casually suggested [...]

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