Choosing colors for a specific purpose

Choosing colors for a specific purpose

Some mappers will choose colors because they hold special meaning or they’re trying to match their map to their decor, etc. There’s no wrong way to do this. If you are excited about the idea of matching colors, go for it. If you don’t care and just want to color without thinking of these things, play ball. But if you do love the idea of choosing colors for a specific purpose, read on.

Some maps lend themselves particularly well to this color choosing strategy. The most obvious of which are the Wedding and Baby collections. Colors are often chosen either for the wedding decor or the baby’s room and can be parlayed to match with the corresponding map. Again, do whatever feels good to you.

In the example below, I colored this Dress with a palette inspired by Vanessa’s bridal bouquet. I could have pulled ideas from her wedding invite, their bridal party outfits, or even the location where they were married. If it’s fun to choose colors this way, go for it.

Another common consideration is where your map will be displayed. Do you want it to match the decor of the room it will be in? You can pull in colors from the paint on the walls, furniture, rugs, accent pillows—whatever you like because it’s your map and no one is the boss of you. Below is the Marin as an example of what a palette might look like to match this yellow-green kitchen I’ve been obsessed with since I saw it in Sunset Magazine years ago.

I know I keep saying this, but it’s true. Choose whatever colors you want and if they have meaning or relate to a purpose, all good. If they don’t, fantastic.

Regardless of which way you go, I highly recommend that you get yourself a Color Tester if you get your map on a museum-quality print; it's the best way to try out colors to get a combination you love. And if you're mapping on the satin-finish canvas, simply test out the colors and combos on the back side.

Would love for you to share whatever colors you choose; an easy way to do that is on social if you post a photo of your colors with #mapcolors.

Happy mapping!