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How to make "easy" progress toward a hard goal

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Is that too much to ask?

Because when it comes to choosing goals and making progress, we do not get inspired over the easy stuff.

We dream in hard goals—significant accomplishments that are hard to do.

And yet, it's hard to do hard things. For many of us, that feels terribly annoying, if not like some downright bullshit.

We want it to be easy to do hard things.

This is what it is to be human, y'all.

Your Clever Brian knows this as well as mine does. Which is to say that a very "clever" part of our human brain, that runs entirely on perceived fear, uses this human logic to keep us from getting anywhere near our "hard" goals.


Let's say you (by which I of course mean, me) want to save 3 months of living expenses. You would feel like a ROCK STAR. Champion of Adulting! Earning your merit badge in Responsible Money Stuff.

Given how awesome that would feel, why haven't you (ahem, me) already saved 3 months of living expenses?

While there could be many reasons, I'm guessing one of them is that it feels hard to do so.

It would require making different decisions. Likely changing some habits. It might mean cutting back on spending or stepping up the earning—or both.

Even just thinking about it—simply reading about it—might make you feel itchy. This is normal. We can be allergic to hard things.

Because while having saved 3 months of living expenses sounds amazing, actually saving 3 months of living expenses sounds hard.

And that my Dear, doesn't sound like fun. It's way more fun to watch movies of other people doing hard things.

What I've come to understand through much trial and error: Our Clever Brains are master storytellers, foretelling our future based on our past, insisting that doing the hard thing will be miserable.

Our Clever Brains are quick to reference every failure we've ever had pursuing hard goals, every person you know who has failed trying to reach this hard goal, and every article or piece of media about people you don't know who have failed going after this damn hard goal.

Not known to show mercy, that little shit of a Clever Brain will compare you to anyone who has succeeded in saving at least 3 months of living expenses. It will seek to point out how you are not like those people. It will compare and contrast in great detail how they are better than you in some way. Grabbing your internal bullhorn, it will remind you repeatedly: THEY ARE BETTER AT DOING HARD THINGS THAT YOU ARE.

Never one to ever back down, your Clever Brain will question whether or not it's even worth doing all the hard things to have 3 months of living expenses. Incredulous, it will ask: "Is this really even worth it? You've already made it this far without saving that money. Aren't there other, more pressing priorities to address? What's on Facebook?"

In other words, your Clever Brain will examine any and all logical arguments (even if they are somewhat illogical or contradictory) to distract you from actually doing anything. It will seek to keep you in argument and doubt and perpetual analysis, to block you from doing any of those hard things.

Why? Because your Clever Brain does not want you to succeed. It does not want you to do hard things that would inevitably cause you to make progress. For if you were to succeed in making progress, it means your life would change. Clever Brain does not want anything to change. Ever. Evah-EVAH? EVAHHHHH.

Clever Brain operates from a primal place, rooted in the idea that any change is threatening and to be avoided at all costs. So it will do whatever it needs to do to keep you from doing anything hard.

Including setting up a "guaranteed to fail" circular logic that insists you want to accomplish hard goals, but only if it's going to be easy.

That, my Dears—is what we're going to get sorted.

We're going to first help you choose the right hard goal. All "hard" is not created the same. It is not tolerated the same.

We can bring some "easy" to the hard. But first we've got to determine which hard is worth making easier.

That's why I made y'all a little something to help. Behold, the guide below!

P/S Join me on  Facebook Live, Friday, January 20th at 3pm PT for a chat on this very subject—I'll be sharing about things I didn't write in this post OR include in the guide. Because I love you. And want you to come chat with me so I can answer your questions live!

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