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Plot Twist: Map Your Progress 3.0

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Wrote this to the Tribe (customers and those who receive my weekly email) on May 4, 2016 and am sharing it here for good measure: 

Call it a plot twist, y’all. It’s been a life-changing couple weeks.

For sometimes we experience things that change us in a fundamental way. Something becomes clear and once we’ve seen it, we cannot un-see it.

So, having had that experience, I wanted to share with you the new direction I will be taking Map Your Progress forward.

My guess is that most of you think of Map Your Progress as being about drawings and coloring and a fun way to pursue your goals. That is part of it. That’s certainly where I started a year ago.

And yet so much has happened this year. It’s not that I’ve been consciously holding out on you; it’s just that this has all been in process. Much more so than I realized. I have grown and learned so much in that time. And I continue to do so every day.

There are things that I couldn’t known until now; as one of my favorite quotes from Elizabeth Gilbert goes: You cannot know something until you do.

Because there are so many things we can’t know until we are in the adventure, in pursuit of what we want to go after.

What I’ve learned in this last year or so is that I’m a sucker for inspiration. I love it. I love being inspired by all kinds of people and I love using my life to inspire others.

For me, inspiration is now akin to avocado. I choose it daily.

So I want to serve you who also want to be inspired (double cheers if you love avocado!). I want to serve this Tribe in such a way that y’all learn to inspire yourselves through the choices you make. For each time you consciously choose to make a decision on any given day that is in service of who you are and what you most want, it is victory. And that inspires me!

I want to advocate for progress that is beyond just paying things off, saving things up, shedding weight or bad habits.

I care about WHY you want those things and what they represent to you. I am interested in what’s underneath what it is that you want—beyond it being a good idea.

For what I really want to know from you, is—

When you reach the goal that you’re mapping:

Who will you get to be, that you don’t get to be now?

What will you get to do, that you can’t do now?

What is it that you think you’ll have when you reach your goal, that you don’t have now?

For I think that most of us can agree that improving our health, be it financial, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health is a good thing.

But I want to know why that is FOR YOU.

Who will you get to be, that you don’t get to be now?

What will you get to do, that you can’t do now?

What is it that you think you’ll have when you reach your goal, that you don’t have now?

That’s where things get interesting. That’s where it gets magical.

The progress that I want to help you create is not just about coloring in swirls or “getting somewhere.” It’s about why you want to go their in the first place. Who it is that you want to be. Why you aren’t that person right now.

In the 144 one-on-one coaching sessions I’ve done since January (a gross amount, as my Dad would have pointed out, ha), I’ve learned that often what we think we want, isn’t what we truly want. Or that if it is, there are many more layers to it than we’re aware.

And that shit fascinates me.

It lights me up and throws me into the yays.

What’s more is that I believe I’m really good at helping people move closer to who it is they want to be, what it is they want to do, and what it is that they truly want to have.

That is what I want for you. Whatever that is for you—I want you to get there.

And I honest to God, I don’t know how anyone truly gets “there” and enjoys a sustainable momentum forward if they hate themselves (even a little bit). If they’re a dick to themselves. If they approach what they want from a perspective of fear, punishment, and conditional love. Not to say that approach isn’t popular. It sure is. I just don’t believe in it.

Not that I haven’t tried it, for I assure you—I did for decades.

I’m not interested in that path.

I’m interested in you learning and growing and challenging yourself to move outside your comfort zone so that you can experience what it is that you really, REALLY want.

That’s why I put so much emphasis on being loving and kind to yourself. And the relationship you choose to have with yourself: what you believe about yourself and how you treat yourself.

It is the most progressive thing I know of—on more than one level. It is the best way I could coach you on how to move closer to what it is that you really, REALLY want. Also, it defies much of what we’ve been taught about making progress in our lives.

We talk so much about tools, strategy, and “what to do” but far less about the “how” and lesser still about “how to ACTUALLY do the things when you are an imperfect human person with feelings, fears, and coping mechanisms.”

Because my bottom line intention is to support you in learning to love yourself more, as you find your way to what it is that you really, REALLY want. That love is the path. The path is represented by the Maps. That the Maps are a visual representation of the next right steps you take on your adventure in progress.

For we don’t ever know how it’s going to go. That’s what makes it an adventure.

This shift has been brewing for some months now in MapYourProgressLand. You may have noticed it in these emails, in the addition of one-on-one progress coaching, and especially in the Self-Care Love Affair online course I launched this past week.

Yet it’s only in the last couple weeks that key pieces of it have become more clear to me—as well as how that impacts the direction I’m steering this ship forward.

For while y’all are each on your own adventures in pursuit of your goals, you are also invited to continue on this Map Your Progress adventure with me. It’s unfolding on a daily basis.

Here’s what I commit to you, in this next phrase:

I will be ever braver.

This means that I will challenge myself to be even more “me” with you; that requires still more courage and vulnerability. And returning my focus again and again to leading by example. It’s scary and deeply uncomfortable and absolutely worth it.

I will evolve more quickly.

I will be braver and bolder with what I offer to you, and when I recognize that I can do something better, I will course-correct straight away. I will not continue with less than my best for the sake of consistency or doing something because I declared I was going to.

For example: Progress Parties. I very much wanted to offer you a way to connect directly with me on a weekly basis. At this stage, very few Mappers show up for them live. I trust there’s good reason for that. Rather than view that as a disappointment, I take it as great information that I can use to serve you in a better way. So, those may be going away soon. Point being: If something is going to change going forward, I’ll tell you. And then we’ll get right on to the next experiment.

Last week I taught my first live class and it went really well (you can still watch the replay). The feedback I’ve received has been very positive and it seems like those of you who attended really got something out of it. I’m already thinking of what my next class could be on. If you have ideas, hit reply and let me know. I’d love to hear them.

I will challenge myself to do more cool shit.

There are many times when I have sent you emails, posted things on social, or tried to sell you on coming to this party. I apologize for any time that I was less than 100% of myself. I was afraid. I was trying to figure out how to do this.

I can now see that in some cases I was trying to create what I thought you might want, or what a business person should do. My background has been in marketing for many years. I was doing the things. I will no longer do things for the sake of doing them.

I will instead keep challenging myself to do more cool shit. Things that are interesting, inspiring, and impactful. Like teaching live classes. The Self-Care Love Affair. A new super potent transformational experience I'm introducing this month that uncovers what it is that you really, REALLY want.

I will offer you more of my full-color self.

I often talk about Clever Brain—that part of our brain which tries to keep us safe from perceived threats. I call it clever because that’s exactly what it is. It often operates without us even knowing. That’s why learning how to recognize it is so life-changing. I practice this daily. And I can see how my Clever Brain messes with my vibrancy—or showing up in full color, as full Amy, at full power.

My Clever Brain has been afraid of you, sometimes trying to please you, or not offend you. When it's running the show, I don’t speak or write as authentically. I don’t swear as much. I subconsciously communicate from what I think I “should” be doing. It’s a super common thing that I think pretty much all of us experience in our own way. When I notice it happening, my inner Captain—the wisest, most loving part of my—smiles and says, “Sweetheart, isn’t that interesting!” I delight in that noticing. For every time, it’s a great opportunity to practice being brave and being more myself—with full heart, fully alive, in full color.

It’s what I encourage y’all to do and challenge myself daily to grow brighter.

I will update Progress Mapping 101.

Simply put, the version of me that created those videos has grown by leaps and bounds. While I love her, I am more “me” than she, so I will be revamping Progress Mapping 101 going forward. If you have any ideas of ways you think it could be better—don’t hold out on me—hit reply and let me know.

I intend to make Progress for Life into a self-paced online course.

I love teaching Progress Mapping, the technique that I've used to make meaningful progress in my own life. I love coaching Explorers who want to do brave and inspiring things—who want to learn how to make progress through love no matter what. For it’s life-changing and life-giving. I would love for more of you to have that opportunity to experience the 12-Week Adventure.

For I recognize that it’s probably better for everyone if I see fewer one-on-one clients and create a way to teach more of you Progress Mapping. That’s been percolating in my brain for some time now and I think it’s likely headed in that direction. Much like Progress Mapping 101, I think I can teach Progress Mapping through videos and other cool shit. I’m not sure on the timing of it, but that’s the direction we’re likely headed.

I will raise prices.

This has been such a learning for me. I started out wanting to make maps available to as many people as possible and as affordable as possible. While I was well-intentioned in this, I realize that I can serve this Tribe more powerfully by being much more clear about how to use the maps and who they are for. Part of that is pricing. Whenever we spend our money, it’s a tangible expression of value and commitment. And in this case, intention is very important. More so than affordability. It’s taken a year for me to understand that pricing is just one aspect of creating a dynamic that would best support you using Maps to get where you want to go.

In this context, when it comes to the experience that I want to offer you, I want for these maps to mean something to you. It doesn't really serve for mapping to be a casual sort of thing that you approach mildly. Something that will get lost in the mess of life. That’s not going to help you get where you want to go. I want to get your attention and inspire you to approach making progress in a more powerful way.

So, the priority in pricing the maps is no longer affordability. It is potency. It is about this tool supporting you in choosing an inspiring adventure. For these maps are indeed tools. They are drawings, yes. But they have meaning. They have purpose. They are much more than swirls. Maps are a valuable tool for growth and something to be very proud of—especially when you take them full-color.

P/S I’ve noticed that very few Mappers buy their maps on canvas. But those that do, make a powerful commitment to themselves and the importance of their goal. Danielle and Matt are a great example of that.

Part of increasing potency is a willingness to be uncomfortable. For us to create change and transform ourselves, we need to move outside of what’s comfortable. We need to up the stakes. Raising the prices is part of that.

I will offer one-of-a-kind adventures in progress for inspiring women.

To say I’m excited about this would be an understatement. I’m not excited in a manic eeeeeeeeeee! kind of way. I’m pumped in a “this is what I can do in a way that no one else can do it and I’m so happy to be alive and have the opportunity to help inspiring women experience what they really, REALLY want.”

For when I asked myself: Sweetheart, what is it that you really, REALLY want? My full answer is here. A key part of that answer is:

To spend my time with inspiring people who want to be fully alive.

To work with women who have something to give.

To serve my Tribe as my heroes have served me.

So that’s the plan. To connect with inspiring women who have the courage to go after what they really, REALLY want. Who are willing to be uncomfortable and treat themselves with great love. Who are willing to go all in.

All this is to say—that I am all in.

Here to serve you in the best way I know how. It continues to evolve.

I’ll leave with you one of my favorites from Maya Angelou: Do the best you can until you know better. Then you know better, do better.

And one from my college roommate, Mary. Who would sometimes look at me and say: Whoa. You’re not kidding around.

Nope! Shit is legit.

We’re just getting started.

So much love!


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