Here to be an inviting light that supports diversity, mutual respect, and cooperative relationships

A Campfire's purpose is: To unite the disparate for the greater good, to create connection between all things, to foster sustainable solutions for the long-term or bigger picture.

A campfire burns in a campfire pit

Campfires are driven by: A sensitivity to others and the interconnectedness of all things, a love and respect for life in various forms, a desire to protect and promote a sustainable future.

Campfires are happiest when: Hearing new ideas and perspectives, having healthy debates and discussions about issues and their impact, witnessing empathy (especially amongst those who don’t normally cooperate), and are feeling connected to the larger whole.

Others admire Campfires for: Their diplomacy, ability to hear others out, and how much they care about so much. They are excellent listeners and also proactive. They naturally lead and often know how to get things done.

Campfires are fueled by: The beauty in all things, awe of nature, and optimism that we can find solutions if we are willing to work together.


The light of a Campfire gets dimmed when: They feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenges or how things will happen. They are outwardly focused on caring for others and forget to care for themselves. They don’t feel effectual. They feel the pain of others and unable to support those who suffer.

People will say things to Campfires like: “I admire how much you care.” or “I’m glad there are people like you in the world.”

You will not hear a Campfire say“I don’t really give a shit one way or the other what happens in the future, I won’t be around for it. Not too worried about global warming, civil rights, or the education of children. It’s not my concern. I’m just going to stay in my own circles, defend my right to be right, and let someone else worry about the state of humanity. It’s not up to me.”

Think you might be a Campfire?

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