Here to bring authentic light that inspires creativity, spreads awareness, and reassures others

A Candlelight's purpose is: To light up others by shining their own unique light, promoting creativity and self-expression, inspiring respect and devotion.

A candle burns in the dark

Candlelights are driven by: An undeniable need to be their authentic selves, create their own art (not necessarily traditional forms of art), and express their own style/perspective.

Candlelights are happiest when: They are creating, finding meaning, expressing their truth, and sharing with a supportive audience (be it one person or one million) receptive to their influence.

Others admire Candlelights for: Their vision, integrity, and desire to impact humanity for the greater good. They don’t give up. They are relentlessly resourceful and not easily deterred by obstacles encountered in the pursuit of your purpose.

Candlelights are fueled by: Experiences of self-expression (both others and their own), freedom to create what they want, appreciation and recognition of their gifts/talents.


The light of a Candlelight gets dimmed when: Their self-expression or creativity is diminished, disregarded, or dismissed. They don’t feel safe enough to share what’s true for them. They are expected to be part of the mainstream or status quo. They feel misunderstood or unappreciated for their originality.

People will say things to Candlelights like: “You have an amazing sense of style!” or "I love how you are so true to yourself."

You will not hear a Candlelight say“I was thinking of getting some artwork for my home; maybe I’ll go to the mall and buy something mass-produced that’s already framed. Or I maybe I’ll go by the retail-chain craft store and get one of those paint-by-number kits. Either option sounds deeply satisfying and would sure make my house feel like home.”

Think you might be a Candlelight?

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