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Coaching for Lighthouses

As a Progress Coach, I choose to serve a certain type of human.

I call them Lighthouses.

A Lighthouse is a powerful kind of human meant to shine their light in a big way.

It is what they’re here to give to the world, in a way that only they can.

And when their light shines bright, it serves as a beacon of hope and attracts their Tribe: A collective of humans who can most benefit from what the Lighthouse has to give.

So for their Tribe, a Lighthouse is a guide who illuminates and inspires.

They’re a natural leader and have influence; others look up to them.

A Lighthouse is often regarded by those around them as successful, honorable, and especially capable.

By nature, a Lighthouse is brave. Resilient. And deeply committed to standing their ground no matter the weather.

During storms, they are an especially welcome sight, warm and welcoming. A space of safety and comfort.

A Lighthouse is rooted deeply in service of others.

It is simply who they are.


To be clear: Lighthouses do not need  to be coached.

Which is exactly why they are the humans I want to coach.

For I am a Lighthouse Keeper. I choose to coach Lighthouses because they are who I can serve best.

I help Lighthouses handle anything that gets in the way of their light shining bright at full power.

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There are plenty of Lighthouses in the world.

The ones I coach stand well enough on their own.

They pride themselves in their self-sufficiency and have been tested time and again.

When shit hits the proverbial fan of life, others look to them for guidance and assurance.

Lighthouses were built for that.

And yet.


The Lighthouses I coach are humans.

Therefore they have their own set of challenges due to their seeker’s mind and servant’s heart.

Here are some questions Lighthouses often ask themselves:

What am I here to give and am I giving it my best?

Who can I serve?

Am I doing enough?

Am I making the most of my time?

How do I make more time to create what I want to create?

Does (insert pretty much anything) really matter? It is aligned with my purpose?

How can I increase the potency of what I’m creating?

Is there a way to do this better?

How do I become better?


At this point, all this talk of Lighthouses might be resonating with you. There might be a quiet voice in your head that is nudging you. If that’s the case:

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And if what I've described is reminding you of certain people in your life, considering sharing this with them. Let them know that you see their light. It’s one of the best compliments you can give a Lighthouse.



Adventures for Lighthouses

I craft one-of-a-kind coaching adventures for Lighthouses by invitation or referral. 

If there is a Lighthouse you think I need to meet (especially if that Lighthouse is YOU), please introduce me.





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