My Dear, you are an Explorer.

You are here for more. Something inside you knows that you are on this planet to experience more, create more, and give more of yourself. You know you have something to share with the world. You may or may not be clear on what your something is. And that’s OK.

Your willingness to find out is enough.

Tell me all the things about this 12-week Adventure called Progress for Life.



You are willing to do the work.

You know that what you really want is on the other side of your discomfort and fear. You know this, intellectually. You just haven’t quite put all the pieces together in a way that really works for you.

Not because you haven’t tried. You’ve tried so many things. In so many ways. You’ve been at this for some time. And you’re not giving up. Because you know you’ve got magic to bring forth.

Walk me through what to expect in this 12-week Adventure called Progress for Life.


You are hell-bent on fulfilling your potential.

You’re ready to learn how to make progress no matter what; to stand with confidence in who you are; to be on your own side. You know that your life is about much more than being afraid, or in doubt, or being hard on yourself. You are here to shine bright.

Show me how Progress for Life will help me do that.




Photo of Karen, a Progress for Life Explorer

Karen | Pro Organizer

"I’m working on two goals; one is to build my business, the other is to then pay down my debt. What’s really been instrumental for me are the twice a week calls I have with Amy and working with her to identify the next right steps. The coaching with Amy has been phenomenal!"

Photo of Liz, a Progress for Life Explorer

Liz | Entrepreneur

"It’s just been an awakening. I started this adventure to deal with some debt. But since we started, I’m building two business ventures. It’s just all been coming together and it’s been very good for my household. I’m a lot more happy, fulfilled, and confident. It’s been amazing!"

Photo of Nicole, a Progress for Life Explorer

Nicole | Writer + Artist

"It’s been phenomenal. The biggest thing I’ve learned so far is self-love. Mapping my to-do list has been working for me. I’ve gotten to loads of stuff and I’ve learned a lot of ways to stop myself when I’m being unkind. And re-start. And it’s OK! It’s OK to start again."


You are ready for a new adventure.

To learn how to care for yourself in a way that takes your life next-level. You’re up for experiencing what you most want to—right now—instead of at some point in the future. You’re willing for life to be more fun—to actually enjoying your days more. You’re itching to experiment and find what’s right for you, so you can create sustainable momentum in the direction you want to go.

So what's included in this 12-Week Adventure?

Screenshot of actual Progress for Life video chat, showing Explorer with progress coach Amy Jones


Just you and me, my Dear. We start with a foundational session to choose the direction you want to head; then have 25 minute sessions every few days—twice a week for 12 weeks. For video chats, we can use Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts. I guide you through every aspect of Progress Mapping and applying it to your life, in real-time, for real results.

Screenshot of actual Progress for Life session notes


You'd be amazed at what we can uncover in 25 minutes; and given how much new information and guidance you're going to receive, Explorers find it so helpful to have recordings of every session for listening to as often as needed. I also write sessions notes for you to reference—a summary of the key things we discussed and your next right steps for the coming days.

Screenshot of actual Progress for Life channel within Slack; highlighting the the channel for inspiration


None of us do this alone, and we all experience the same kinds of emotions. There's so much benefit to staying connected to one another throughout this adventure. Share with other Explorers; pool inspiring stories, videos, and quotes; peruse my favorite resources; access your recordings and session notes within our community, powered by the Slack app.


You may be afraid, but you’re also brave.

And you’re ready to find out what your life looks like in full color. With you showing up in all your brilliance.

The world needs you and your gifts. Your tribe—which could be your customers, your community, your family—is waiting for you to show up at your best.

Excited, yet not sure if Progress for Life is right for you? Let's dig into that.

It’s go-time, my Dear. Your adventure awaits!