Where do you ship?

To all of the countries! Well, except North Korea. Bless. Odds are definitely in your favor. While most of the orders are to my home country of the United States, I'm sending lots of orders to Australia, the UK, New Zealand, Canada. Shout out to Israel and Norway.

What about those shipping charges?

Shipping is free in the United States for orders over $25; orders under $25 are charged $5; for the rest of the world, charges are currently: $5.95 or $7.95 for prints and $25.95 and up for canvas. This varies based on weight and is calculated during checkout. 

How long does it take to receive my order?

Great question. As a one human operation, it takes 3-7 business days to print, package, and ship an order. Once it is shipped, it takes 3-8 business days to arrive within the United States and Canada. Takes about 7-16 business days to arrive to the rest of the countries. If I could make it go faster, I sure would! 

When will I get my tracking information?

As a big online shopper myself, I love a good tracking link. I'm working with my platform Big Commerce and my fulfillment partner The Printful to have all the technology talk to each other and send out the tracking link to you when it's created. For now, you might see the tracking number in the email that notifies you when your map has shipped. I'm working to make this a clickable link, as it's not super helpful to have a tracking number without the carrier info.

If the tracking number begins with 7489 and is real long, it's FedEx. Try entering that number here for orders being shipped in the U.S.

If your shipment is going to Australia or New Zealand, you can likely check on your map by clicking here and entering the number you receive in your email. That number begins with a PF.

Until then, please email me at if you wish to receive your tracking info and I will gladly send it to you. Appreciate your patience while I get it sorted out!

Creative Progress Maps

Why do I see photos of maps on your social media channels that I can't find in your store?

Ah yes. By which you mean the heart or the original design from the canvas I used to help pay off my credit cards. Silly as it sounds, it never occured to me that anyone would specifically want the original that I drew, so that's also on the list of designs forthcoming. The truth is I have no idea when that will be. 

When will you have new designs?

When I have them! Ha. My focus has moved to my Progress Coaching, truthfully. There are about 36 exisiting designs and while I do feel confident that more will come in the future, I have no idea when that will be. The best way to find out is to simply stay in touch via our social media channels or join the email tribe.

Do you do custom designs?

Yes, please email me at for a quote. 

What if I have a great idea for a map shape?

By all means, please let me know! If you suggest a design shape that I eventually create, I will send you one as a gift in any size or material you like as a thank you.

What if I have a goal that doesn't match up with the number of swirls on your maps?

That's where I encourage you to get creative. As it takes me hours and hours to make each map, I am not in position to whip them out for 43 swirls, or 67, or 103, or 186 (ahem, Angie). As much as I would like to! By all means, please share with me what number of swirls you wish I had to offer. That helps me know for future. I do appreciate it.


What should I color my map in with?

Excellent question. I do my best to answer that here. But really, you're the captain of your own ship and can color with whatever you wish. 

Do you sell pens?

How I wish I did. At this stage, I just sell the prints and canvas maps. I do have coloring recommendations along with links where I can to buy the pens I recommend. More links coming soon. 


What if I want to feature Creative Progress Maps on my site or interview you?

I'm just delighted that I've had enough requests to find it appropriate to have this on my FAQ page. Please email me at and we can discuss.