Here to explore the unknown and shine light in dark places to reveal what others do not see

A Flashlight's purpose is: To illuminate what’s not well-known, or easy, or mainstream.

The beam of a flashlight lights up the dark

Flashlights are driven by: A desire to explore, seek out adventures, and go where others typically do not go.

Flashlights are happiest when: They are adventuring, in pursuit of a challenge—not watching from afar. They don’t mind not knowing what’s going to happen, if anything, it’s intriguing and piques their curiosity. They love following the internal pull of what calls to them, which often takes them off the beaten path. Flashlights are confident they can handle whatever comes and love a good challenge.

Others admire Flashlights for: Their courage and resourcefulness. Flashlights know how to find a way to get where they want to go. When they commit to doing something, they do it. And when Flashlights fall down, they get back up, ready to try again.

Flashlights are fueled by: Opportunities to be of service, chances to explore and see what there is to see, and new ways to challenge themselves.


The light of a Flashlight gets dimmed when: They feel constrained or limited, when they’re not able to pursue what they are curious or passionate about. Flashlights are disempowered when they feel tied down, sidelined, or pressured to do something that doesn’t make sense to them. They do not enjoy limitations. They embrace obstacles that others shy away from.

People will say things to Flashlights like: “You’re so brave!” or "I could never do that."

You will not hear a Flashlight say:“I’m planning my next vacation. I was thinking I’d do a “staycation” and stick close to home, at a hotel I’ve been to twice before. I love it because it’s a resort with all-inclusive food and drink—I just get to sit by the pool and read all day. Can’t wait.”

Think you might be a Flashlight?

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