Here to create a large, powerful light that makes possible what was not possible before

A Floodlight's purpose is: To create a big impact and change the way things are done/seen.

A bright floodlight illuminates a soccer game at night

Floodlights are driven by: A deep desire to do something big and meaningful that helps a lot of people.

Floodlights are happiest when: They are bringing their vision to reality. When they are given the freedom and support necessary to create what they envision, assemble the right team, and gather the tools they need.

Others admire Floodlights for: Their vision, integrity, and desire to impact humanity for the greater good. They don’t give up. They are relentlessly resourceful and not easily deterred by obstacles encountered in the pursuit of your purpose.

Floodlights are fueled by: Hope, wonder, and a need to create what they want to see in the world.


The light of a Floodlight gets dimmed when: They don’t feel empowered to do things in a way that makes sense to them. In a way that serves all involved. They don’t like being limited creatively or having to work with those who aren’t well-suited to their role. They can see what most people can’t, so it can be frustrating when they see challenges or impending failure, yet don’t have the authority to affect change.

People will say things to Floodlights like: “That’s amazing, I never would have thought of that!” or “Holy shit. That’s a game-changer.”

You will not hear a Floodlight say“I’m thinking small. Not too risky. I’d like to just gradually ramp up to something solid. Not looking to make waves, just make something consistent with what I’ve seen. It’s cool if it helps some people, but doesn’t have to. I’m open to whatever.”

Think you might be a Floodlight?

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