Just what does it mean to go full-color? 

When I talk about you coming alive and living your life in full-color, I'm talking about you:

Being YOU all the time, in all areas of your life.

Giving what you want to give in the world.

Spending your time in a way that counts. 

Serving your Tribe in the most meaningful way.

Living your life such that you're not waiting for the life you REALLY want to begin.

Taking 100% responsibility for what you contribute (or don't contribute) to your relationships, communities, and creative projects.

Paying attention to what's really going on in your own mind; discerning fear from love and cultivating intentional thoughts.

Striving for integrity in all areas; who you are is who you are. You say what you mean. You do what you say. 

Challenging yourself to move outside your comfort zone and pursue the highest within you.

Claiming your own happiness for yourself and not relinquishing it to anyone else or any outside circumstance.

Being a grown-ass human who adults well. Who is kind. Honorable. Who lives the example they want to set.

Honoring your self and the light you can bring to others by valuing who you are, what you are here to give, and how much it matters.


Ways to begin going full-color:

>>> What you REALLY want

>>> Holy Shi(f)t