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Be an Innovator

So much growth happening here at Map Your Progress! We're in the prototype phase of a new technology that will help you make unprecedented progress. It's the perfect complement to Progress Mapping, the self-paced courses, and even my private Progress Coaching. To say I'm excited to share it with you would be a massive understatement. It's all I've been able to think about for months now.

Here's a bit more on where we're headed:



I realize this technology can be even more amazing with your help. So I'm inviting you to be an Innovator alongside me and give your input as we build this technology. What does that mean?

If you enter your info below and become an Innovator:

1 // You'll receive very short surveys (that hopefully will only take you :60 seconds or less to complete) as we grow, to give your opinion and preferences. This will shape the direction and details of how we build the technology.

2 // You'll be invited to be one of the few who will test out the technology first, in the form of a beta version. 

As best I can tell, there's no technology like this on the market and certainly not one that is designed to help real humans make real progress on a daily basis. It's going to be something very special and I'd love for you to be part of it.

Join us!


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