There's something magical that can happen when you and I spend time together. Tucked in the virtual snowglobe of safety (that's a thing I made up to describe the safe space we create for us to explore).

When I say holy, I don't mean religious, I mean in the sacred kind of way.

In the THIS MATTERS kind of way.

That's what Holy Shi(f)t is all about.

It is a deep coaching session that is an adventure in and of itself. You can take it knowing exactly what you want to get out of it. Or having no idea at all. 

You might feel the nudge from your Quiet Voice that wants you to honor your truthiest truth.

Something that pulls you to dive into some aspect of your life that you know isn't fully explored.

I love offering these adventures. For I have witnessed human after human reconnect to who they are and rediscover what is sacred to them. Something shifts. And I can literally see them returning to their own side. It's miraculous and transformative.

I named this adventure very intentionally (the f is silent), for this exploration is some holy shit. It's a big deal. It takes courage. It takes a willingness to let me see the real you and a trust that you'll be met with love and acceptance. This sort of thing deserves our reverence.

And it's quite common, either during or after the session is complete, for the Explorer (which could be you) to say something to the effect "HOLY SHIT" when they see something they hadn't seen before. Or connect dots that had eluded them for years. Or finally understand that they've been carrying something heavy they can set down.

It's a blessing and an honor to offer you this adventure.

You up for it?