Look at your goals in a whole new way.

Introducing Creative Progress Maps; a beautiful way to help you reach your goals.

First of how Map Your Progress works

Each drawing is a "map" made of swirls and represents your goal.

Second of how Map Your Progress works

You decide what small action toward your goal a swirl equals.

Third of how Map Your Progress works

Color in each swirl as you make progress and complete each action.

Fourth of how Map Your Progress works

Enjoy your colorful piece of art that celebrates your accomplishment.

The drawings represent goals.

Each design is made of a particular number of swirls to help you break your goal down into small actions—small steps toward your goal. There are various numbers of swirls in the designs to suit a range of goals.

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Shows the coloring progression of the 40 swirl Bump Creative Progress Map from the Baby Collection

Choose whatever goal you want.

It could be damn near anything. Ha. Use Creative Progress Maps to pay off debt, create a new habit, countdown to a special day, lose (or gain) weight. You can track any measurable goal. Just pick one that matters to you.

A colorful list of hashtags that represent the goals you can track with Creative Progress Maps: #mapyourweightloss #mapyourprogress #mapyourwedding #mapyourfitness #mapyourhabit #mapyourdebt #mapyourfeelings #mapyoursobriety #mapyourpregnancy #mapyourcountdown

Color in swirls as you make progress.

Each time you complete a small action, color in a swirl on your map. That way, you can see your progress in a tangible form that looks beautiful. And keep that map where you can see it and easily color it in as you go.

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A pen coloring in a swirl on the Marin 100 Swirl Creative Progress Map from the Creature Collection