I help people fulfill their purpose without sacrificing their well-being.

My clients are brilliant, uncommonly generous, and believe telling the truth may require some salty language.

They may commonly use such salty language (even if it's muttered under their breath in traffic) because t
hey know they are not doing what they are meant to do on the planet. They know there’s something more. And they don't want to waste their life going through the motions.
They already feel like they're behind, anyhow.
They'll say things, like:
"I want to create something I can be proud of—something I built."
"What is the next thing that is going to make me feel fulfilled?"
"I feel like there are other things I could be doing, but I don't know exactly what they look like or what they are."
I help them get clear on what that is and who is waiting for them to give it.
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My clients are highly capable and dependable—to the point where it sometimes costs them.

They know how to take care of others, yet struggle with actually taking care of themselves. Even if they know what to do, they don’t do it because they’re prioritizing the needs of others.
My clients also have very high standards for themselves. When serving someone else, they want to go above and beyond. They value integrity, service, and excellence. Though, their perfectionism can get in the way of them moving forward. They’re usually more comfortable researching or seeking or learning how to do it right. 
They'll say things, like:
"I feel like I am always on."
"I have to remember to put me as number one."
"I'm much harder on myself than I am on anyone else."
I help them learn to put themselves first and become the person they most need in their life, so they can give to others without sacrificing their own well-being.
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As talented as my clients are, they are holding back.

They’re not operating at full-power, full-time and mistakenly think something bad will happen if they do.
They might fail and disappoint those they care about. Or they might even succeed. They don't want others to feel less than because of their success, as if those they love will somehow lose out if they shine too bright.
Therefore, they’re hiding out in their success. They’re hiding their dreams and their superpowers. This weakens them and they don’t feel fulfilled, which is counter to who they are and what they value.
They'll say things, like:
"I need to distinguish between what I think I should be doing vs. what I really want to do."
"I wish I was braver. I often hold back."
"I don't feel like I'm using my full potential."
I help them find ways to stop hiding out and holding back so they can operate at full-power, full time.
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What I do

I help people make progress on purpose. When they do, everybody wins. Not only do they come alive and enjoy their life, but it improves their relationships with those who love them, those they work with, and those they're here to serve—even those they haven't met yet!
I show clients how to set goals that are aligned with their purpose and help them figure out exactly what to do to reach them.
We take their larger goals and break them down into next right steps. Next right steps are always actions they can do.
I teach them how to take those actions coming from love, so they don’t get/stay stuck in their fear. When they choose to come from love, it's sustainable. It feels good. Love pulls them forward toward what they most want.
Fear keeps them stuck or trying to push forward. It's exhausting and unsustainable. We uncover exactly how resistance shows up in their life—often in the form of very good reasons. 
We get clear on where they can invest their time and energy in goals that help them feel alive and energized. We find out how they can make the pursuit enjoyable.
Everything about my coaching is based on choosing love instead of fear. Which I why I don’t believe in grinding things out or relying on willpower. I show people how to create sustainable ways of taking action that have lasting results.
My clients discover as we work together that it’s about more than any one goal.
It’s about the quality of the life they choose on a day-to-day basis and the difference they can make for others. They fall in love with themselves when they start to see who they really are. They come to trust themselves and their own knowing.
The combination of which is that they come alive in service of something larger than themselves.
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What other Human Lights* have gotten from our work together

* I call the people I coach Human Lights because at their best, they can be bright lights in the world, shining with creativity, wisdom, humor, courage and inspiration. To help people figure out what their light is and how they can shine their brightest, I created Human Light Types. You can take the quiz to find out yours.

“Amy is a soul-whisperer and inspired ally, guaranteed to help connect you with your highest good and discover creative ways to help you reach your heart’s desires.  I am infinitely grateful for her loving guidance in our sessions, and count on them to ensure I am staying true to myself while bringing my best to the world. Amy has a knack for offering powerfully graceful solutions to stuck spaces and injecting joy into life!  She is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.” C.H. // A Human Lighthouse
“Amy promises a lot in these sessions and delivers on those promises. Be prepared for some deep truth and connection—to yourself. Amy has an incredibly masterful way of reaching through the build up of everyday living (all the things!) to help you find and listen to your heart. To help you learn both what will spark your heart to sing and how to start giving it voice lessons!" E.N. // A Human Campfire
"Your questions really helped me to dig deep and get to the root of who I am and what I want to do. Now, I have a clear picture of what I want to do and I'm going to go for it." M.W. // A Human Flashlight
"Just diving deep into my brain, to find out what would help me feel purposeful and what I need to do for myself to be effective—was huge. Everything was just perfect—the timing couldn't have been better." J.W. // A Human Lamplight
"When I came to you, I knew something was missing. I credit you for your gift of asking precise questions and listening. That space of wondering what would be possible allowed me to dream some desires into possibilities and start laying the ground work to achieve some of my personal goals that had too long been sitting on a shelf out of reach." E.K. // A Human Candlelight
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