Here to brighten their spaces in the world and steadfastly serve those within their pool of light

A Lamplight's purpose is: To source the light that makes our lives possible, fuels society, and nurtures others.

A lamp handing with a bulb visible

Lamplights are driven by: An unwavering commitment to family and that which they belong to. A desire to nurture and support those in their space (home, workplace, community, school, etc.). A sense of duty and responsibility to shine where they are.

Lamplights are happiest when: They are with their families and/or loved ones; actively supporting their co-workers, school, church, community—whomever they feel a sense of belonging with.

Others admire Lamplights for: Their loyalty, commitment, and dependability. Lamps are the glue that holds civilization together. Day in, day out, they show up for those they love and those who belong to them (meaning, the Lamp feels responsible for them in some way). They place high value on family, concentrating their time and energy on their family and/or groups they feel a part of.

Lamplights are fueled by: Actively supporting those they love and groups they care about, feeling productive and valued, celebrating what they care about.


The light of a Lamplight gets dimmed when: They feel disconnected to their families, loved ones, or to whomever they belong to. They feel depleted and like they’re giving more than they’re getting. They don’t feel empowered to provide and protect those they serve.

People will say things to Lamplights like: “I couldn’t do this without you.” or “You think about others more than yourself.”

You will not hear a Lamplight say“I’m going to take off on a sabbatical and travel the world by myself, maybe with a copy of Eat, Pray, Love. Y’all can fend for yourselves; I’m sure you’ll be just fine. Can’t imagine I’ll be thinking of you anyhow. Good luck and peace out!”

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