Here to lead their tribe, beaming internal light that signals help, safety, and hope through storms

A Lighthouse’s purpose is: To beam light that guides and comforts others navigating storms.

A lighthouse beaming light at night

Lighthouses are driven by: A seeker’s mind and a servant’s heart, a need to transform their pain and struggle into something that serves others, a yearning to become what they most needed when they were navigating prior storms.

Lighthouses are happiest when: They can share their personal story, knowledge, and/or discoveries in service of others navigating storms the Lighthouse has already experienced. For then there is a use and meaning for their own pain and struggles; they can empathize with and guide those who feel lost, afraid, or uncertain.

Others admire Lighthouses for: Their resilience when overcoming adversity and ability to transform stressful, painful experiences into something that inspires hope. Lighthouse’s insistence on beaming their light to signal: You are not alone. It is safe here with me. I understand what you’re going through and I can help guide you. You’re going to be OK.

Lighthouses are fueled by: Expanding their self-awareness, sharing their own experiences to help others, hearing someone say, “Thank you for sharing that. Me too.”


The light of a Lighthouse gets dimmed when: They doubt their own value or ability to help others. They feel guilty or ashamed for shining bright, as if it’s taking away from them serving in the world. They reject their own wisdom and life experience in favor of external knowledge or outside opinions. They can’t see who they’re here to guide or connect with them.

People will say things to Lighthouses like: “I’m inspired by how you’ve persevered and are now helping so many people.” or “I think it would help __________ to hear your story.”

You will not hear a Lighthouse say: “I’ve been through some tough things, but I don’t want to talk about it or wonder why. I’d rather not think about it; it’s better to forget the painful stuff. Because what’s the point? I just want to be like everybody else and live a normal life. So, anyone up for mini-golf and a hot dog?”

Think you might be a Lighthouse?

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