What's your purpose for making progress?

If you go after goals that you "should" care about, like paying off debt, losing weight or creating healthy habits—without connecting to why they matter to you—you're not likely to be satisfied when you reach them.


If you don't align your efforts to make progress with your purpose, you're missing out on the best part of life: feeling alive.


So what does feeling alive look like for you? What difference are you here to make? What is it that you would love to give to the world? Or the way I think of it: What light are you here to bring?


To help answer those questions, I created a series of light types to help you identify what your purpose is. Take a look at the summary of each light below and click on the pink buttons for more details.


A lighthouse beaming light at night


Here to lead their tribe, beaming internal light that signals help, safety, and hope through storms

More on Lighthouses

A bright floodlight illuminates a soccer game at night


Here to create a large, powerful light that makes possible what was not possible before

More on Floodlights

A campfire burns in a campfire pit


Here to be an inviting light that supports diversity, mutual respect, and partnership

More on Campfires

A torch burns at night


Here to bring light to dark places, light fires that stoke change and support revolutionary ideas

More on Torchlights

A single lamp hangs with a visible light bulb


Here to brighten their spaces in the world and steadfastly serve those within their pool of light

More on Lamplights

The beam of a flashlight lights up the dark


Here to explore the unknown and shine light in dark places to reveal what others do not see

More on Flashlights

A candle burns in the dark


Here to bring authentic light that inspires creativity, spreads awareness, and reassures others

More on Candlelights

A close up of a bulb in a strand of lights hanging outdoors


Here to sparkle and shine wherever they go, making life more beautiful and enjoyable

More on Stringlights

The beam of a spotlight


Here to grow into their own light, shine bright like a diamond and captivate audiences

More on Spotlights

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