Let's put some purpose in your progress.

Map Your Progress is about so much more than coloring and artwork and goals. It's about why any of that matters. 

It's about you connecting to what you really want and who you're here to be on this planet.

For the world needs you and the light that you can bring into it.

That's why I'm a Coach who helps people make progress on purpose. 

That means two things:

1 // I help you make progress that is aligned with your purpose.

Creating goals that are aligned with what you most want are worth your time and energy. In pursuing them, you come alive. You grow more confident and whole as you go after them. You feel empowered and excited and victorious. You light up and shine bright for everyone that sees you. It's progress that matters.

2 // I help you learn how to make progress on purpose—no matter what.

Making progress is a choice you make. It's not an accident. It's a practice you choose again and again. It's a skill that you can learn and apply to any area of your life, no matter the circumstance. It's something I can teach you and more importantly, tailor to fit your life in a way that actually works.

Who do I work with?

I think of the people I best serve as Human Lights. These are folks who are hell-bent on making a difference in the world. They are here to bring their light—their gifts, talents, experience, and wisdom born of pain—to the people who most want what they have to give.

How is my coaching different from others?

It's based on a series of distinctions I created called Human Light Types, predicated on the idea that there are many ways to bring light into the world and all are needed. Everything I do is rooted in my belief that meaningful and sustainable progress has everything to do with the relationship we have with ourselves. When we get that right, we can create lasting progress driven by love instead of fear.

What do I offer?

My coaching is highly tailored to who you are and how you work. I take you through a process that identifies your exact progress specifications. I create one-of-a-kind offers once I know the specifics of your strengths, tendencies, and blind spots. I'm relentlessly curious about what drives you, how you experience love, and leveraging who you naturally are to create a coaching strategy that's spot on.

Let's see if I can help you // Schedule a complimentary consultation