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Questions for Lighthouses

Question #1

Do you dim your light?

I can help if you have a big heart that cares deeply and feels deeply. If you are a sensitive soul who interpreted early on that it was better for those around you if you dimmed your light.

So you didn't outshine others or make waves. So you didn't draw too much attention or make anyone feel bad. You want others to feel good about themselves.

You want to be loved and accepted. So you've been dimming your light, softening to a glow, operating at less than full shine because you think it will serve you and those you care about.

How I serve you // We get to the core of what it takes to shift your dimmer switch to full power and shine bright in service of your Tribe!

Question #2

Do you own the truth of who you are REALLY are?

I can help if you haven't yet claimed your highest purpose. And if you haven't 100%, you know it, deep down. You know that you're not operating at full-power.

You are excellent. You are highly capable. You are successful. You have all the things "on paper" to win at life yet still have a nagging feeling that you are more than a “tall building with great electrical features and 360-degree views.”

For on some level you may reject your innate brilliance, stalling in your zone of excellence, believing some version of "who am I shine that bright? I should be happy and grateful for what I have. My life is good."

To which I say, as a Lighthouse Keeper, "Sweetheart. You stand tall for a reason. You are built to beam a bright light on purpose. Your remarkable vision is by design. Whether you claim it or not, you were created this way because you a glorious fucking LIGHTHOUSE meant to shine so bright that your Tribe will be drawn to you like moths to a flame."

Victory is recognizing your purpose and the fact that you were born for this, that every experience you've had, every skill, every seemingly random talent of yours is there to empower you to SHINE BRIGHT.

How I help // Together, we see what you currently cannot—we get clear on just what kind of light you’re here to bring and why you’re the one to do it.

Question #3

Do you glow or do you beam?

This is a life-changing distinction for Lighthouses.

If you glow: You’re successfully generating light of some kind in your life; humans around you respect you for it, reward you for it, and you’re good at it. You don’t feel a passion burning for what you do, but you do it because something’s in the way of you shining bright.

If you beam: You SHINE BRIGHT, you are lit up with a strong, clear signal that connects you to your Tribe; you are fired up by what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. It matters. You serve in a meaningful way. You are shining your light on purpose at full power.

How I help // We look at the three areas that impact your light—what sources, supports, and shapes your light. Then we shift whatever we need to so you beam like the glorious Lighthouse you are.

As a Lighthouse, if you haven’t yet discovered how to beam your light at full-power, you can choose to explore. You can choose to spelunk outside your comfort zone and into the depths of who you really are.

It takes courage.

And a willingness to be fully you. Fully alive, at full-power, in your full brilliance.

The world needs you.

And I am here to serve you.

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