Shining bright.

I have a deep knowing that I am here to serve others in a meaningful way. I have a quiet voice inside that won’t let me leave this world without contributing to the greater good. This need to contribute is not negotiable. It will not go away. It is not something I will get over. Nor would I want to.

For I am a Human Light.

That means I am here on this planet to bring light to the people I serve.

My light does not belong to me—it comes through me. It is meant to be seen and shared.

My light is love. Or awareness or inspiration or innovation or creativity or art or humor or fun or hope or justice or faith. Or all of the above. Any combination in between.

My light matters. Not just to me, but to the people who love me. The people who need me. The people whose lives will be brighter because of how I shine.

I get to choose how much I’m willing to shine.

And I want to shine as bright as I can. To show up for my people at full-power. Fully myself.

I want to fuel my light, not dim it. I don’t want to apologize for my brilliance. I don’t want to hold back or downplay my strengths. I don’t want to play small or hoard my talents or pretend I don’t have what it takes. I don’t want to waste my time and energy on shit that doesn’t serve. I have too much to give.

I get that the world needs me. My people need me. At full power.

So I am not content to be afraid. I am not willing to let years roll by without becoming the brightest, most grown-ass version of myself. I refuse to give up on what I most want to create, no matter what. I am willing to learn what I need to learn and venture outside of my comfort zone. I welcome the challenge.

I choose to be brave, even when I don’t know how. I choose to summon the courage necessary to live my truth, even when I’m afraid of what will happen when I do. I choose to share my light with those who want so much to receive it, even when I wonder if it’s good enough.

I choose to take action coming from love. I choose to deal with my shit so it doesn’t deal with me. I choose to love myself like the gorgeous source of light that I am. Because I know that everybody wins when I shine bright.

When I shine bright, I feel alive. I enjoy my life much more. I am more capable, productive, and creative. I am a better mother/father, sister/brother, daughter/son, and woman/man when I am shining at full power. The brighter I am, the better I can be. I choose better.

When I shine bright, I feel on-purpose. I’m glad to wake up in the morning and happy when I go to bed at night because I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m being who I was born to be. And I’m giving what I’m here to give.

When I shine bright, my life makes much more sense. My pain has meaning. My struggles have purpose. My heart is open. I feel on-track and excited for what’s to come. I know I can find my way.

This world is brighter because I am in it. My light is not here by accident. It’s because I choose over and over to honor who I am. I choose love over fear. I choose courage over self-doubt. I choose curiosity over self-criticism. I choose to love myself better than anyone ever has. Because I have light to bring.

The world can sometimes feel like a dark place. It can be confusing and overwhelming and disheartening. And it can also be illuminated. It can be made better by those of us who choose to do our part and spread our light.

That’s why I am here to shine bright.

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