Here to grow into their own light, shine bright like a diamond and captivate audiences

A Spotlight's purpose is: To capture our imagination, inspire aspiration, and stir emotion.

The beam of a spotlight

Spotlights are driven by: An unshakeable call to perform under pressure, a need to challenge and stretch their limitations, the reward of being recognized and appreciated for their craft.

Spotlights are happiest when: They are onstage or performing for an audience. This is what they were born to do—to be seen, share their talent, and see how far they can go. They are energized by crowds and feel most alive when connected to those they serve.

Others admire Spotlights for: Their work ethic, willingness to put themselves out there, take risks, and say “yes” to the unknown. They are often charismatic, charming, and excellent at reading others. They have excellent vision and sense of what they want to accomplish.

Spotlights are fueled by: Performing for a receptive audience, having space and support to practice and perfect their art, others believing in their vision and talent.


The light of a Spotlight gets dimmed when: They feel creatively stifled or unappreciated for their talent. They feel overworked and overwhelmed, burdened by responsbilities. They don't have an audience to serve or a goal to accomplish. They feel overlooked or invisible.

People will say things to Spotlights like:“You’re so talented!” or “You seem to do so well under pressure.”

You will not hear a Spotlight say“I wish I had more passion and drive, but alas, I’m relentlessly practical. I think I’ll get a degree in accounting. Do something where I sit at a desk in the corner and no one will talk to me. That last thing I want to do is draw attention to myself or push myself too hard. I’d rather blend in than stand out.”

Think you might be a Spotlight?

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