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Start with a Spark (Session)

Here's what funny.

Most of us are hiding our superpowers. 

We're dancing around the very thing we're here on this planet to do.

We're building very successful lives, doing all the things we're supposed to do. We're taking care of the people we love. We're looking like we're winning at life on Facebook and Instagram. And we're getting all kinds of shit done. 

Except the work that matters the most—honoring the truth of who we are and serving the people who most want what we've got to give.

We're delaying. Waiting. Putting off coming alive because we're afraid.

We think that we need to be different than we are. Somehow better.

As smart and capable and experienced as we are, we're afraid that if we really told the truth about who we really are and what we really want to give, we'd be fucked.

My Dear, we couldn't be more wrong.

The opposite is true.

The truth is that you're amazing. Brilliant. And here for a reason.

So let's stop pretending otherwise. 

Let's get clear on what it is that you need to do on this planet before you leave it. Then you can choose to spend your time, energy, and resources on the shit that matters most. Instead of going down paths that don't serve you or satisfy you or make you happy. Instead of holding back or staying stuck.

Let's not waste your brilliance: It's not that you need to be different. It's that you need to honor who you really are.

I can help you with that. 

In two hours, I can help you get clear on what it is that you're here to contribute in the world—what I refer to as what light you are here to bring—and what's getting in the way of you doing that.

That's my superpower.

It only took decades for me to figure it out and have the courage to get after it, so let me use everything I've learned to serve you. It's not an exaggeration to say we can save you years of time and suffering. I vote you go for the shortcut.

For a limited time, I am gifting potential clients a Spark Session—a one-time, two-hour coaching adventure with me.

>>> SAY NO MORE: Let's do this

WHAT SPARKED FOR BRENDA, A STRINGLIGHT // "We not only uncovered my light type, but Amy also guided me through identifying specific areas of my life, that with change, would bring more joy to my world. Listening to the recording of our session a few days later brought additional clarity; it also provided a rare opportunity to pick up on some things that I didn’t say. I highly recommend spending this time with Amy. You will not be disappointed. This just may be the life changing guidance that your soul is seeking; don’t pass up the chance!"

Actually, say more.

Curious, but not sure? Let me be very truthy with you.



>>> OK, I'M CONVINCED: I want to apply now

Why I call this is a Spark Session

Because we're looking to see if something gets sparked when you and I spend time together. Like what, you may be wondering?

Light bulb moments

"Wow, great question."

Odds are pretty good that you will utter those words during this session. That's because once we get into a deeper conversation, I start flexing my super-power-question-asking muscles. Light bulb moments ensue.

Those moments of insight or inspiration or clarity are a big deal. Not just for you, but also the people you love and everyone you come in contact with, who sees or feels your light. 

That’s why these deep sessions are so powerful. They’re about empowering you so you can shine bright for others.


"I've never told anyone that before."

I want you to experience what it’s like to be in a safe space with me (I call it the Snow Globe of Safety), where you can't screw up. You can't say the wrong thing. You won't be judged, no matter how truthy your truth.

Because this shit is sacred to me. It's an honor to hear the things you don't say out loud. And it's a great sign that we're connecting to who you really are and what you're here to give.


"Thank you for this."

Once we’ve had a chance to spend time together in this way, we can see what makes sense to talk further about me becoming your coach.

We'll schedule a follow-up chat for a few days after to let everything we've talked about sink in. If I know in my bones that I can serve you well and help you go full-power, I will recommend one or more of the coaching adventures I offer.

And if I’m not convinced that I can serve you in a way worthy of your time and investment, I will tell you. I'm happy to refer you to any resources I think could help, be it a book, video, or another coach.

I want you to shine bright whether I’m the right coach for you or not.

Once you’ve experienced what it’s like to be coached by me, you’ll have a much better sense of who I could best serve. And if that’s not you, chances are good you know someone I could help. I'd be honored if you'd refer them to me for a Spark Session.

>>> SOUNDS BRILLIANT: I want to do a Spark Session

So how does it work?

1  //  You apply for a session

I want to hear more about you and spark your thoughts before we do the session.

You will complete a series of questions so that I can get in touch and discuss moving forward.

>>> APPLY: To experience a Spark Session with me

2  //  I’ll respond via email

I am not the coach for everyone, so when I receive your application, I’ll be in a much better position to tell you if I think I can serve you through a Spark Session. If I’m not sure, I’ll let you know and we can discuss it.

Assuming I do think I can be of service, I’ll email you to schedule a date/time for our session.

P/S I’ve coached clients in six different time zones so far, including South Africa and Australia. So if you’re outside the United States and wondering if I coach human lights across the world, I absolutely do!

3  //  We have the Spark Session

At the beginning of our session, before we dive deep into what matters to you, we’ll take a minute to schedule a follow-up chat. This gives you a chance to experience the session fully, let things sink in, and see what was most useful to you.

Also: I will record the audio of our Spark Session for you; when I’ve worked with my own coaches over the years, I’ve found session recordings to be immensely helpful and a gift that keeps on giving with every listen.

When we do have our follow-up chat, we can reflect on the Spark Session and talk about what it would look like for us to work together. Or if it doesn’t make sense for you to become a client, we can talk about referrals.

Want to do a Spark Session?

>>> HELL YES: I’m ready to apply


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