Here to sparkle and shine wherever they go, making life more beautiful, magical, and enjoyable

A Stringlight's purpose is: To brighten and enliven those around them, to connect others through warmth, optimism, and faith, to bring whimsy and delight to the ordinary/mundane.

A close up of a bulb in a strand of lights hanging outdoors

Stringlights are driven by: A sacred devotion to joy and peace, a keen awareness for what feels good and how to bring more of that into the world, an unsinkable buoyancy no matter the circumstance.

Stringlights are happiest when: They feel free and safe to enjoy and celebrate life; they experience a sense of presence and connection. They are celebrated and appreciated for being unapologetically, if not (to some) illogically happy. They are invited to express their imagination, innate optimism, and gratitude. They delight in their senses and simply being alive.

Others admire Stringlights for: Their remarkable ability to enjoy life and feel good without condition, “good reason” or particular circumstances. They are great fun to be around! Others feel better in their presence and relief from stress and responsibilities. Stringlights are not easily discouraged; they don’t require a whole lot to feel happy and grateful to be alive.

Stringlights are fueled by: Celebration, childlike wonder, playfulness, laughter, and doing things for no other reason than they feel good. Feeling faith, hope, and connectedness.


The light of a Stringlight gets dimmed when: They feel judged or valued by what they do more so than who they are. Their innocence is misunderstood as naivete or immaturity. They don’t feel safe to express their joyous and playful nature. They try to meet others’ expectations or change themselves to appease those around them.

People will say things to Stringlights like: “How are you always this happy?” or “Why are we celebrating? What’s the occasion?”

You will not hear a Stringlight say“I hate my life. It’s so boring. And I don’t have what I need. I’ll be happy when I am famous, am super successful, and can buy whatever I want. But until then, I’m going to complain about how unfair everything is and how we’re all screwed. I did get invited to go to a comedy show tonight, but I think I’ll stay home and watch reality TV instead.”

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