Mapping healthy eating and exercise

"When I first saw it, I thought it was cute, but I wasn’t sure how it would work. It’s powerful. It really is. I can’t believe that something is actually holding me accountable. That I want to go home and color in that swirl and I feel guilty [laughing] if I do something that I didn’t promise myself I was going to do. Whatever it is, it’s really working and I love it. I really do."

Amarilis | Paramus, New Jersey | USA

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Mapping paying off debt and saving money

"You have that ability within you to do it. I’m a horrible saver but I proved to myself that I can save. That’ll motivate me when I finish those debts; I don’t need to go back to my ways. Instead of putting that money toward a personal loan, I can put that money aside into a savings account or I can put it towards another goal like a holiday."

Channy | South Australia | AUS

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Overcoming perfectionism through mapping

"You know when you wrote me that letter and talked about the perfection part that you had it helped me so much. Just that acknowledgement that I wasn’t alone. And I know a lot of perfectionists, so it wasn’t that I didn’t know it, but hearing it from you and saying just put the pen on the paper. And once I got started, I thought, “Oh this is so relaxing, this is so much fun!” And it really changed how I feel about it now. Now, I want another one!"

Tana | Bend, OR | USA

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