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Time to Win

A new level of winning

What will it take for you to actually reach your goal? ACTION, my Dear. And action can be a lot easier to take when you have others to cheer you on.

That's why we have Time to Win, a video-based virtual power-hour, every "work day" Monday-Friday in May at 9am and 3pm Pacific.

AND for the first Friday of every month, both the 9am and 3pm slots will be allow for coaching from Amy in the group setting. 


"Time to Win is a godsend! I get more done in one focused hour in the company of Amy and others than I do in an entire afternoon by myself. Time to Win is helping me grow my business, one hour at a time." —Julie

Questions you might have

What happens at the power hours? // We join together using Zoom so that we can see each other and share our intention for that hour (using the chat feature). The sound stays muted so that we can focus and you don't have to worry if you're in a noisy environment.

But on the first Friday of every month, we will turn the sound on and you will be able to interact with Amy live and receive coaching on anything you need help with; if you wish to join Time to Win those days and not participate in the coaching, you can simply turn the audio off and carry on as you normally would.

“The accountability/Time to Win/progress hours are crucial for me at this stage. You've been so helpful in getting me to SIT DOWN AND START. Thank you.” —Dominique

How will we meet? // We'll use Zoom, my favorite video conferencing tool, to join together for the daily power hours. It's very easy to use from either computers or mobile devices. 

"I love logging in to Time to Win when I need some extra motivation or accountability to complete a project. It's nice to see others' smiling faces and know that we're all spending the hour get tasks checked off our to do lists." —Jessica

Do I have to come to every daily power-hour? // Nope! Come as often as it makes sense for you. Time to Win is to support you, not stress you.

What will I do during the hour? // I recommend you use the time to take your next right steps toward what your goal is—though, you can also use them to accomplish things that you procrastinate and don't do as easily on your own.

"Time to win helps me get shit done—and by shit, what I really mean are the tasks that I generally avoid like the plague." —Dave

I'm not in the Pacific time zone, so what time of day is it for me? // Use this to convert to your local time.

Will you ever add in more Time to Win 2.0 hours, maybe later in the evening? // Eventually! Vote here for which hours you'd like Time to Win 2.0 to be offered.

Is there a different price if I join you after the 1st of the month? // Nope. It's one price, regardless of when you join in. 



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