Here to bring light to dark places, light fires that stoke change and support revolutionary ideas

A Torchlight's purpose is: To illuminate what many do not wish to see, to seek truth and justice, to stand for those vulnerable to exploitation, discrimination, and abuse.

A torch burns at night

Torchlights are driven by: A calling to right wrongs, a healthy anger that protects what is sacred, a moral compass that seeks a balance of justice.

Torchlights are happiest when: They are expressing their beliefs, their truth, and taking action toward righting wrongs, when they see progress in the championing of their causes, when they are on-purpose and demonstrating their values.

Others admire Torchlights for: Their conviction and willingness to take action to consistent with their values. More than just “talk” about what’s wrong, they actually do something about it. They aren’t content to let the future be someone else’s responsibility. They are committed to being part of the solution.

Torchlights are fueled by: Stories of victory and overcoming odds, information and facts relevant to what they care about, opportunities to participate in meaningful action.


The light of a Torchlight gets dimmed whenThey feel disempowered by the enormity of what they’re pursuing or don’t feel able to affect change. They don’t feel alive and connected if they spend time on things that don’t hold meaning for them. They don’t feel like they are actively serving or supporting causes that admire. They don't feel supported or understood by those they love.

People will say things to Torchlights like: “It’s incredible what you do. You’re so brave.” or “How do you keep going?”

You will not hear a Torchlight say“Really, I just care about myself and what’s going on in my life. Not really into politics or community issues. People can do what they want—it’s not like I care one way or the other. I’m sure everything will get worked out eventually by someone else. The world’s mostly fair.”

Think you might be a Torchlight?

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